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Let’s start with my age.  Yes, I’m 64 years old.  I don’t feel 64.  I don’t know what 64 is supposed to feel like and I also don’t know what age I do feel, but I try hard to NOT be that OLD GUY (OG).

I do however, find myself losing patience more and more.

I don’t like people at the grocery store that still write checks.  It’s not like we’ve moved on from checks, we’ve moved on THREE TIMES from writing checks.  I love using the store’s app, pointing it at the QR code, paying for my merchandise and having my receipt e-mailed to me.  I LOVE that.

Having said that, I am beginning to side with the faction that doesn’t like being questioned when leaving a store with them wanting to see your receipt.  If you don’t trust me to operate the self check-out line, pay for my purchase, then don’t have a self checkout line.  Bring back the cashier, keep someone employed!

I’ve said all that to say this.  As I mentioned on the air this morning, I’ve lost just about all patience with “auto correct”.  The one driving me crazy now is WELL… I typed WELL.  I didn’t want WE’LL.  Does it keep correcting to WE’LL because I use the word more often than WELL?  Why does it think I want WE’LL?  I want WELL. WE’LL makes no sense with what I’ve written.  Doesn’t pay attention to that?

Woman in City Texting

Now, even more aggravating, is when the phone seems to auto correct just as I’m pushing “send”.  I KNOW I typed the proper word (see WELL).  WHY AND WHEN DID IT BECOME WE’LL?

Happily I’ve been shown how to remove the auto correct feature on my phone.  Easy to do, very little work. I think I’ll like removing it.  Not entirely sure yet.

I’ll let you no… (damn!)