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We live in downtown Augusta.  We have for almost 30 years.  We love it.

As you can imagine, over that length of time, we’ve seen our share of restaurants open, and then close.  Thankfully, many have been around for a very long time.

A few years ago, a businessman, Sean Wight decided it was time to enter the fray downtown, and enter he did, on a grand scale.

To date, Sean’s Frog Hollow Hospitality group has

Frog Hollow (for my money, the BEST restaurant in the area)

Craft and Vine (Lisa’s favorite)

Farmhaus Burgers, with a second location in Columbia County

Speaking of Columbia County, right next to the Farmhaus is his Frog & The Hen

And in the last couple of months, two new offerings, Pho-Ramen’L and within the last week or two, Tacocat.

Tacocat menu

Thursday night, Lisa and I decided to see what Tacocat is all about.

First, the decor feels like something from the 70’s, which we loved.  There’s TV’s, movies on the walls, a really nice vibe.

To me, I get the impression that it’s, at it’s core, a bar, that serves some food.

The service was first rate, very attentive.  They use an ordering system that Sean installed at Pho-Ramen’L, you fill out a card, checking your choices.  You then have a small card that gets displayed for the waiter or waitress and they hustle on over to get your order.

The food came quick, which is not always the case with new operations.  Almost everyone, that has been to a new restaurant, in their first couple of weeks, experiences some bumpiness.  There were no bumps last night, despite this being they’re second week in operation.

As the name infers, it has a Mexian/Latin feel to the menu.  As Sean has done with all of his properties to date, there’s a theme.

I had the nachos

Tacocat Nachos

Lisa, along with having some of my nachos, had some guac and chips of her own

Tacocat Chips

And a cauliflower taco THAT SHE JUST LOVED!  Proclaiming, she’ll have that every time we go.

Tacocat feels like it will find it’s niche and spot downtown as the stop folks will make either BEFORE or AFTER a downtown concert and or event.

Each concept envisioned by Sean and the group has been different, unique and most of all VERY GOOD.

The next time you’re looking for something new and different to try, try Tacocat.