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A routine chiropractor visit took a terrible turn for Caitlin Jensen, age 28.  Jensen recently graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in chemistry and biology. According to Fox News, on June 16th, she visited a chiropractor who performed a neck adjustment that led to a traumatic brain injury that left the graduate paralyzed.

Shortly after the adjustment, Jensen was rushed to the hospital.  The neck adjustment apparently dissected arteries in her neck, causing her to go into cardiac arrest and suffer a stroke.  During this, she also lost a pulse for 10 minutes.

Once stabilized, she was rushed to surgery where doctors managed to repair some of the tears and place a stent.

Currently, Jensen is hospitalized in critical condition at the neuro ICU in Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. There is a GoFundMe page set up for Jensen, with more details on her condition.  The brain injury has led to paralysis in most of her body.

The plan is she will be transferred to the ICU at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta when she is stable enough. The chiropractor remains unnamed, and the family has retained legal counsel on their daughter’s behalf.