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For the second time in three days, Augusta finds it’s self at the bottom of another list.

The folks at have come up with the best US cities for renters in 2022.

The survey compared 182 cities, which included the 150 most populated U.S. cities.

The criteria was based on quality of life, rental market and affordability.

Out of 182 cities, Augusta ranked #173.

Out of 182 cities we ranked #179 in quality of life.  The only cities to rank below us were Shreveport, LA., Springfield, MO., and Memphis, TN.

The BEST city for renters in 2022 is Columbia, Maryland.

Cheyenne, Wyoming was the city with the most affordable rentals.

Detroit, Michigan; New Haven, Connecticut; Miami, Florida; Newark, New Jersey; and Hialeah, Florida tied for the city with the LEAST affordable rentals.

Here’s the top ten best cities for renters in 2022

1.) Columbia, Maryland

2.) Overland Park, Kansas

3.) Sioux Falls, South Dakota

4.) Bismarck, North Dakota

5.) Lincoln, Nebraska

6.) Chandler, Arizona

7.) Scottsdale, Arizona

8.) Gilbert, Arizona

9.) El Paso, Texas

10.) Casper, Wyoming