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A wheelchair-bound 74-year-old Grovetown woman was found living in squalor today after public safety officials investigated a complaint of possible Neglect of an Elderly Person.  Code Enforcement Officers went to the home in the 500 block of Jackson Street where they found Rebecca Turner in her wheelchair, with the seat filled with animal feces.  Authorities say Turner had cuts, scrapes and marks on her body, believed to have come from numerous animals living there.  There were also no useable showers or toilets in the home.

Investigators said the interior of the home was blanketed in animal feces, including the floors, walls, and windows.

They learned that Turner relied on her daughter, 47-year-old Latisha Lucinda Brighurst, and her granddaughter, 23-year-old Nicole Brighurst, for her care.  According to a news release, all three women had animal feces partially covering each item of clothing they were wearing, as well as on their bare skin.

Turner was removed from the home and taken to an area hospital for treatment.  Adult Protective Services is working to place her in a proper facility once she is released.  Animal Control removed over two dozen dogs from the home, in addition to multiple cats and several reptiles.  The home was condemned by Grovetown Code Enforcement.

Authorities have arrested Latisha Brighurst and Nicole Brighurst.  Both will be charged with Neglect to a Disabled Adult, Elder Person, or Resident (felony), and Cruelty to Animals (misdemeanor).  Latisha Brighurst was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation and will be taken into custody once she’s released.