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Photo courtesy of M.Mixson

Who enjoyed television before cable, satellite and on demand streaming? Sure, we can watch re-runs of most anything that has ever been aired, but I do miss certain shows that aren’t on syndication or available via streaming.

We were lucky enough to get decent reception from Channel 6 where I grew up about 70 miles away. One of the shows that I looked forward to was Trooper Terry. If you didn’t grow up in the area, or were able to watch WJBF, you may not know the name.

Mr. Terry Sams, better known to us as Trooper Terry came into our living rooms each Saturday morning. He had the best cartoons, and welcomed kids to crank up his time machine to watch.

Don’t worry South Carolina folks, I haven’t forgotten you. There was Mr. Knozit in Columbia on Channel 10. Charleston was home to Happy Raine on Channel 2.

I wish kids today had hometown heroes like we had. Television needs them. We need them now more than ever.