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So I was skimming around LINKEDIN the other day, something I rarely do because I don’t understand it’s purpose and I ran across an article about workers sharing their salaries with their co-workers…


Am I officially that old?  That was something that has never crossed my mind in almost fifty years in the workforce.  Do I wonder what some of my co-workers make?  Absolutely!  Would I ask? Absolutely NOT?  Would I expect them to offer that information up, NO!

So here’s what the article revealed.  16% would share the details of their compensation with their co-workers.  18% said they would share it with their mentors.  32% would share it with close friend and 56% would share it with family members.

I do find comfort in the fact that 84% have no intention of sharing the info.  It’s still a low number for me.

I have read through the years, why this practice is becoming more and more commonplace and it has to do with your knowledge of the workplace when it comes to discussing your compensation.  How can you intelligently discuss salary, without a working knowledge of the other salaries in your building, in your field.

I will confess to being interested in the old Parade magazine that used to be a supplement in the Sunday paper.  Remember, once a year they used to list a bunch of occupations and what those jobs, on average, paid.  They always seemed to skip the radio jobs…

You know,

I wonder how my attitude toward my co-workers would change if I knew what they made.

Would I think differently if he or she was making LESS  than I imagined.

Would I look at them in a different light if they were making MORE than I perceived.

What if they were making A LOT MORE?

With still 84% of the workforce NOT sharing the information, this becoming commonplace in the workplace would seem to me to still be a long way away, but who knows, things are moving at a rapid pace these days.

Wait!  That sounds like I am officially that old!