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My wife and I were fortunate to vacation in the Florida Keys a few years ago. We spent most of the time on the beach in Key Largo, but made sure to make the drive down t0 Key West and visit The Hemingway Home and Museum.

The only Hemingway work I’ve read is The Old Man and the Sea.  I knew he was a lover of cats, fishing, and hunting, but we learned so much more about his family and legacy during our visit.

If you get the opportunity to visit Key West, this is a must see stop.



A warm day in front of The Hemingway House!



Mr. Hemingway loved hunting.



Lots of cool shady spots!



The famous Cat Cemetery.



One of many Underwood models Mr. Hemingway used.


The Pilar was the heroine in his work For Whom the Bell Tolls, but also his wife Pauline.


The Hemingway Home & Museum

Stocked with an assortment of mementos that are linked to the life and times of the Home's Nobel Prize-winning author, and to the whimsy of this beautiful tropical paradise that so beguiled the Hemingways, as well as numerous other writers and artists.