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So, her birthday falls on the 17th.  She enjoys birthdays.  They’re a big deal in her world.  She likes a “fuss”

I decided that this year, her gift wouldn’t be a “thing”, but an “experience”.

Quite possibly her favorite restaurant is “The Grey” in Savannah.

The Grey is co-owned by John Morisano (he bought the land on which the old Greyhound bus station sat) and Mashama Bailey, who also serves as head chef.  As a matter of fact, Chef Bailey, just last week, was named the James Beard award winner as Best Chef in the country.

Four years ago, The Grey made Time magazine’s list of one of the World’s 100 Greatest Places.

It’s not why we went.  We went because it’s her favorite.  But the accolades don’t hurt.

The Grey

I made reservations about six weeks ago, and could only get them for 5:15pm.  They open at 5pm.

Interesting concept.  There’s a “Diner Bar” in the front of the restaurant.  It’s “first come, first serve”, which explained the line when we arrived.  The Diner Bar has more of a tapas feel, with numerous choices on the menu.

We were taken to the main dining room for our meal, which remember, used to be a bus station.

Right from the start, you notice the service.  The attention to detail, nothing is missed.

The menu is a bit different.  There are four categories, “Dirt”, “Water”, “Pasture” and “Pantry”.  It’s a three course meal at $75 per person.  You then choose three items from the choices.  She chose from the Dirt category, the Butternut Squash.  I chose two from the Water category, the Tuna Crudo and Middlins.  She also chose Middlins.  For the entree, she chose a fish that was off the menu, I chose the chicken.


It’s almost impossible to describe the plates, the flavors, the brilliance of a chef named the best in the Country.  By the way, Chef Bailey was not there.  She was in Austin, opening another “Diner Bar” located in one of Austin’s many high end hotels.

It’s not inexpensive.  Be prepared to pay.  But also be prepared to have one of the best meals you’ve ever had.

Oh, my desert, and orange/chocolate torte, with orange zest and orange ice cream, which they make. (Of course they do)


There are a lot of dining options in Savannah.  As I’ve mentioned this experience to people, they’ve countered with favorites of theirs and one day, we might try other options.  But I’m pretty sure that any future trip to the city, will include a stop at The Grey.

The next time you’re there, you should consider the same.