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Let’s take a moment to salute and remember our fathers. I’m fortunate that our dad is still with us. I’ll share a few thing he taught my brothers and me, plus a few memorable quotes that I hope you will get a laugh from.

  1. Character is everything. My dad is likeable and his integrity has never been questioned. He reminds us that our actions are what people will remember.
  2. Be kind and meet new people. My dad loves to tell stories and learn about people and their background. People will appreciate that. He never met a stranger.
  3. Keep cash with you. He loves to use the phrase walking around money. “Son, you never know when technology will fail you.”
  4.  Admit when you are wrong. No one is perfect, you can’t try to be. Be humble and own your mistakes.
  5. Go with your gut. If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong.


Here are a few quotes we heard growing up. If you grew up in the south, you likely heard some of them, or all of them.

  1. “Ain’t no way that’ll fall off!
  2. “Eat this, it will put hair on your chest.”
  3. “Drink this, it will put hair on your chest.”
  4. “We ain’t gonna get stuck!”
  5. “Well, (insert cuss word here) we’re stuck”

Happy Father’s Day Pop!