Looks like Regency Mall is getting a revamp!

Just this morning, plans were announced for some major revamping at the site of Regency Mall. According to WRDW, the plans will include apartments, grocery store, retail and more.

Regency Mall Revamp Announcement

Steven Kendrick, former Richmond County tax commissioner who’s now running for mayor, led the announcement.  The name for the project is “Cardinal Town Square.”

The mall space has been unused for decades since it closed. Kendrick believes housing is key for the businesses that will be developed, along with others in the area.

Demolition Has Stopped

Regency Mall had to be sealed up, after people were sneaking into the abandoned building.  Just a few months ago, demolition started on parts of the building.  The demolition has stopped, which may be due to the news of the revamp. This project will utilize what remains of the mall, in addition to restaurants and apartments built around the area.

As of right now, there is no timeline for the project.

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