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My mom taught me and my brothers to be kind, be honest….and to be on time. Some of my earliest memories of her time management skills were visiting my grandparents’ house on holidays and birthdays. It was 69 miles  from our house in South Carolina to Pineview Drive in Augusta. No interstate, no GPS with traffic delays notifications or even many restroom stops. Once the trip began, the only restrooms along the way were in Allendale or Beech Island. Ok, we may have pulled over driving through the Bomb Plant ONCE.

Mom could always time the trip to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than planned. We still tease her about being the first of the family to arrive so she could decide where everyone was going to sit at whatever meal was planned. There were seven siblings and their kids in addition to five of us, so now I have a new respect for her logistical planning skills.

We are fortunate to still have our mom with us.  My brother is hosting Mother’s Day this year…I think it will be eight or nine of us. One thing is for sure, mom will be the first to arrive.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!