By: Andy Green

Well, it seems like there’s been some kind of mix-up down at Disney, as The Book of Boba Fett seems to have been switched with The Mandalorian. We start off with the guy who used to have Boba Fett’s armor catchin some fish-folk doin some kind of weird desert drug deal. He takes their spice from them and let’s one of them go after quickly dispatching of the others. The Mandalorian has stopped by to hang out with Grogu. He’s taken to a waiting area by R2D2. And Ahsoka shows up to be like, what’s up man?

The Mandalorian is like I miss Grogu, and I got him some sweet armor. Ahsoka tells The Mandalorian that Grogu misses him too, but they shouldn’t hang out because it’ll f**k his head up. The Mandalorian is like ok then, give this to him and he takes off. We then see Grogu starting to train in the ways of the Jedi with Luke.

Luke fears that Grogu isn’t all that into the Jedi s*** but continues to train him up. He starts off REALLY s***ty at jumping, but then he starts to use the force and he jumps like a boss. Luke, decides to tell him that the Mandalorian stopped by and dropped off a gift. Then he’s like what about this… You can choose the Mandalorian gift OR this kick ass former Yoda Lightsaber as Jedi’s can’t have personal attachments.

Then we go back to the desert again where Cobb Vanth the Marshal is approached by complete badass Cad Bane. Cad explains that the pike syndicate needs to keep dealin spice or things gonna get bats*** crazy. The Marshall is like well, let’s get bats*** crazy and ends up shot. Cad Bane walks away and people scramble to help the Marshall. The mandalorian starts making his way back to Boba who’s doin a “we gotta kick some ass meeting.”

What I Think So Far Star Wars Rating: I like this show… but I really want more Boba Fett and I’d really like for him to be more cold-blooded than he is. Let’s hope it’s goin in a good direction.