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Could asking about vaccination status be a crime?

According to Gray News, a proposed law in South Carolina could make it a criminal offense to ask about vaccination status.

The proposed “don’t ask” bill would make it a misdemeanor to ask about vaccination status.

Upstate representative William “Bill” Chumley is a co-sponsor of the bill.  Chumley says, “The government has no place in making you or telling you to take the vaccination or threatening your livelihood if you don’t.”

The proposed bill was filed just a few days ago and will head to committee.  The bill states that “…any representative of a public, private or nonprofit entity… who inquires about COVID-19 vaccination status… must be fined not more than $14,000 or imprisoned not more than one year.”

Chumley blames a large part of the current labor shortage on the vaccine mandates.  Those who proposed this law did it to send a message that states have a right to impose certain laws.

There are many questions surrounding this proposed law in South Carolina and how companies would be affected.

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