TikTok Trends

Unfortunately, many trends have been originating on the TikTok app.  While not all trends are bad per se, the most recent ones have been encouraging students to do destructive things.

The most recent was the Devious Licks Challenge.  This encouraged students to steal and destroy school property, and upload video onto the TikTok app.

Today kicks off the October Challenge- Slap A Teacher.

According to Distractify, this challenge asks students to walk up to their teachers calmly, slap them, and run off.  Of course, capturing everything on camera to post on TikTok.

The issue with these challenges are the destructive nature… but with this new challenge, it actually involves assault.  And being caught on camera, makes it easier to be identified and charged.

Other TikTok Trends

There are already other trends designated for November and December as well.  For November, the challenge is to kiss your friend’s girlfriend.  And for December, the challenge is to flash the entire school in the hallway.

Talk To Your Kids

Social media can play a huge role in influencing children today.  It’s important for parents to be aware of what their kids are doing, and talk to them about the dangers of participating in these actions.  Destruction of property is bad enough, but the Slap A Teacher challenge takes things to a new, disrespectful level.

Make sure your child is aware of the dangers and repercussions of these trends.  So many children desperately want to fit in and be the “cool” kid, but most don’t realize the long term trouble it can cause for them.


Encourage your kids to be different– and instead, promote positivity!  Like this little girl!

Ultimately, you want your kids to be safe, smart, and to stay out of trouble!