In need of some GOOD VIBES? So are we! This husband stands outside of his wife’s hospital window each morning.  Such a beautiful display of love!

We are surrounded by what seems like endless bad news and negativity.  And, that’s why it’s nice when you stumble across a feel good story.  It reminds you that there is still good in the world.

This man’s wife was admitted to the hospital for complications from Covid-19.  Knowing that he couldn’t be by her bedside, and knowing that she’d be scared, he had a plan.  Each morning at 8am, he showed up outside of the hospital with a sign that said, “I love you.”  Each morning, the nurses would help her sit up in bed to be able to see him.

Thankfully, his wife is no longer in the hospital and he can be by her side.  Have some good vibes to share?  Email us !