One 8-year-old boy saves his sister from choking… by remembering a life-saving technique he learned from WWE superstar John Cena.

Jaxson Dempsey was riding in the car with his dad and his younger sister, Leila.  He suddenly realized Leila was choking on a chicken nugget.  Instead of panicking, Jaxson quickly jumped into action.

He asked his dad to pull over.  Before his dad could even get around to Leila, Jaxson was striking her back with the heel of his hand.  He said he remembered seeing it on a TV show, where John Cena was teaching how to save someone who was choking.

Jaxson’s dad said Leila had turned purple, but within seconds Jaxson was able to successfully save her with his quick thinking. He didn’t even know she was choking because she wasn’t making any noise.  He isn’t sure what would have happened had Jaxson not been there and jumped into action.  Even John Cena himself reached out when he heard the story to tell Jaxson how proud he was!

“I heard a story about you, and it really touched my heart,” Cena said. “A story that in a time of crisis, you were brave enough to take action… Usually, when bad things happen, one of the toughest things for all of us to do is to take action. You jumped right in, helped out the best you could. [By] doing so, you saved your sister’s life. I really want to say thank you for being you, Jaxson. Thank you for being an inspiration; thank you from all of us.”


It’s a great example of a big brother’s love and protection for his sister.  And also a great reminder about the importance of being aware and knowing the Heimlich maneuver.

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Source: Good News Network