Are you ready to return to the movie theater?

MoviePass teases a comeback, after bankruptcy last year.

It’s been interesting to see companies doing a relaunch after a year of shut downs and quarantines.  Yesterday it was Toys ‘R’ Us that we learned about, and today it’s MoviePass!

MoviePass was the subscription service that allowed moviegoers to check out one film a day for just $9.99 a month.  Is it making a comeback?

The service initially launched in 2017. But, just three years later in 2020, the company that owned MoviePass filed for bankruptcy.  But now, it appears MoviePass could make a comeback!

As of yesterday (Tuesday, March 16th), the MoviePass website was back up and running with a countdown clock.  The clock is set to end on Monday, March 22nd.  The tagline with the countdown says, “The movie is about to start.”

When asked about the website and tagline, reps have not responded.  Guess we’ll be waiting til Monday to see what this is all about.

Were you a MoviePass subscriber before?  Would you subscribe to MoviePass now, even with the pandemic?

Since many places are still not open or open with limited capacity, it will be interesting to see how MoviePass will make this work.  Maybe it could be a new streaming service? It’s hard to imagine them being profitable after a year with a pandemic.

If the service is similar to what it was in the past, will that affect your decision to join? But if you’re an avid moviegoer, this is a really great way to enjoy a lot of movies and save a lot of money!

When you have subscriptions or memberships that you’re paying for like this, does it make you more likely to go?  Or is it something that falls to the wayside?  Like a gym membership. It’s amazing how many people pay the fee every month and never go!