I REALLY wanted this to be a joke when I read about it, but it’s 2020, and apparently anything goes.

A company called Archie McPhee is selling ketchup-flavored candy canes. Described as having a “rich tomato flavor,” the candy canes come in packs of six and cost $6.50.

Because why not? There are now ketchup-flavored candy canes

UNDATED (WKRC) - Introducing the best candy canes to eat with french fries: Ketchup-flavored candy canes! Seattle-based novelty shop Archie McPhee says that "Ketchup candy canes are here to save Christmas from being dry and tasteless" Ketchup not your thing? Well, there is also "Pho-flavored" and "Shiitake mushroom-flavored" candy canes.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, or a terrible gift giver, you can order ketchup candy canes from mcphee.com.

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