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Coronavirus Coverage

The local community here in the CSRA is truly rising to the occasion!

For weeks we’ve all been experiencing hardships brought on by the ever changing Covid-19 pandemic, and for weeks we’ve all been reminded that we are, in fact, in this together.  Through this trying time, businesses and local members within the community have taken steps to give back and help others in need.

Various local YMCAs around town are now the next to be added to that list as they are offering Grab-and-Go meal bags for children and youths up to 18 years of age through April 10th.  There is no sign-up or any registration required, this is simply to provide food to kids who may rely on meals from school.

Locations and times through April 10th:
  • Wilson YMCA 11:30 – 1:00
  • Thomson YMCA 11:30-1:00
  • Aiken YMCA 11:30-1:00
  • North Augusta YMCA 11:30- 1:00


Read more about the YMCA’s Feeding Our Community here!

As we all continue to navigate this new but temporary normal, it is important to spread the word on businesses in our area who are offering these types of services, and it is also important to offer kindness, compassion, and a lending hand when able.

We are All in this Together!