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Several national brands have come together to make today The Great American Takeout day, encouraging people to get at least one of their meals from a restaurant on March 24.

We encourage you to do the same to help support these businesses! But it doesn’t have to just be a national brand. Lots of local restaurants have takeout or delivery options today as well.

Here’s some ways you can take part:

  • Visit our Yes! We’re Open! page to help you find a list of local restaurants that are proving curbside pick up, to – go, and delivery options.
  • Use apps like Augusta To-Go, GrubHub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. Many local restaurants take part and lots of the apps are waving the fees to local restaurants right now.
  • Call your favorite restaurant and ask if they have availability for you to pick up today.

If eating out is a no-go for you entirely right now, but you would still like to help, check out our page Operation Gift Card to look at our list of local businesses that offer the purchase of gift cards without even leaving the house!

Together, we can help these businesses get through a very difficult time. Enjoy some of your favorite foods in the comfort of your own safe home on The Great American Takeout day!