Georgia Governor Declares State of Emergency Following Severe Weather Sunday: Many Georgians awakened Sunday morning to heavy thunderstorms, damaging winds, even hail in some areas. A tornado touched down around 8 a.m. in Troup County,…

UPDATE: 03/09/2020

Burke County Roads and Bridges is still working diligently to open roadways within the county that have been damaged due to flooding and/or other water related issues.

The below list is as of today at 4pm.The following roads remain closed until further notice.


1.       Henry Berol Road                                     0.50 Mile West of Middle Ground Road

2.       Chance Hatcher                                        From Rosedale Road to Hatchers Mill Road

3.       Hillis Circle                                                0.50 Mile South of Joyner-Oglesby Road

4.       South College Road                                0.67 Mile North of Thornton Road

5.       Middle Ground Road                             0.62 Mile South of Henry Berol Road

6.    Walden Pond Road                                  Between Gough Spur Road and SR 80 West

7.    Tarver Road                                                 1.00 Mile South of SR 80 West

8.    Harvey Road                                               1.50 Miles West of Susie Bailey Road

9.    Old Wadley Road                                      From SR 17 to Midville City Limits






This just in from Chief Deputy Lewis C. Blanchard

The following roads are closed until further notice:

Henry Berol Road                            0.50 Mile West of Middle Ground Road

Joyner Oglesby Road                      0.15 Miles West of Hillis Circle

Hillis Circle                                         0.50 South of Joyner-Oglesby Road

South College Road                         0.67 Miles North of Thornton Road

(A) Middle Ground Road              0.62 Miles South of Henry Berol Road

(B) Middle Ground Road              Between Grays Grove Church Road & McCollough Church Road

Harvey Road                                       1.00 Mile West of Susie Bailey Road

Walden Pond Road                          All areas


Bark camp between Ralph Sandford and 17 is a continuing problem and opens and closes depending on the day and weather.

Many dirt roads throughout the county are not usable.

Additionally, we have three (3) crashes with injuries in less than 24 hours due to speed combined with wet roadways.  Please remember that the posted speed limit is the maximum safe speed for good driving conditions.  When conditions worsen, such as we are experiencing now with water pooled over many roadways, drivers should use due regard, slow down, not follow too closely, and make sure they aren’t distracted by cell phones and other such devices.