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Beginning on Wednesday, October 2nd and concluding on Sunday, October 6th, Augusta will be having its annual Westobou Festival.  This art and music-filled event will take place downtown at 1129 Broad Street and in surrounding areas.

For maps, parking, ticket purchases, etc. visit the Westobou website: http://westoboufestival.com/.


Thursday, Oct. 3rd

From 10am to 10pm, come enjoy the “Art Exhibition by Hannah Ehrlich.”

From noon to 1pm, Enrlich will be having an “artist talk” on her artwork, “The Stillness You See.”

From 4 to 6pm, the “Chamber Music Series” will take place at the Westobou Gallery. This event will play a range of music by Trio Jardín and Deryck Clarke.  Tickets costing $5 are required to attend this event.

In the evening, there will be a “Meal Series by Westobou.” Beginning at 7 and concluding at 9pm, Sara Searle, the artist and Chef DJ Wier will be hosting this event at the Security Federal Bank.  Food will be provided in a unique way while the attendees will also be able to enjoy art.  Tickets priced at $100 are required for attendance.

Starting at 8 and ending at 10pm, come enjoy the “Starlight Cinema” with a showing of “Gremlins.” This 1984 version will be played at Westobou Central.  This event is free.

DJ Haney will be playing a variety of music at the afterparty that will take place at Westobou Warehouse, 1118 Jones St, from 10 to 11pm.  Tickets priced at $10 are required for attendance.

Friday, Oct. 4th

From noon to 2pm, Kristi Jilson will be offering a gallery tour. This tour will take place at the Westobou Gallery.  Tickets priced at $5 are required for this event.

Beginning at 4pm, there will be a “Chamber Music Series.” This music series will be with Melanie Larsen and David Brown at the Westobou Gallery.  Tickets are $5 for this event.

In the evening, “Chill: Modular Synth” will begin at 7pm. This event will take place at 7pm with Shy Layers and Space Yoga.  Tickets for this event are $10.

As for free events, come enjoy “Magic Giant.” Live music will be played at the Westobou Central Stage.

Later that night come party at “The Afterparty with Derek Brown.” This event will take place at the Westobou Warehouse with Beatbox Saxophonist.  This after party requires a ticket which is $10.

Saturday, Oct. 5th

Beginning at noon, “The Catacomb and Chrysalis of Poetry” will take place. This event will be hosted by James Aaron Snow whom will be reading poetry at the Westobou Gallery.  This event is available at no cost.

Don’t miss “Listen + Move” at the Westobou Gallery at 4pm. Come participate in yoga with Space Yoga Studio.  This yoga session requires a $10 ticket.

Later in the day, “An evening with Terry Galloway” will take place. This performance art piece will be at the Westobou Warehouse at 7pm.  Tickets are also required for this event for $25.

Come enjoy live music at 8pm with “The Suffers.”This event is free and will take place at the Westobou Central Stage.

After enjoying live music, the night does not end with “The Afterparty with G-Nerd.” This event requires a $10 ticket.

Sunday, Oct. 6th

Come enjoy the last day at a “Meal Series.” This event is hosted by Poetry Fox and Jordan Tejeda at Fox’s Lair. This event requires a ticket for $100.