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Hey craft beer fans…we’ve got all your tips for how to survive this year’s Augusta Beerfest – this Saturday at the James Brown Arena!


  1. Be Meal Mindful: Drinking on an empty stomach can cause headaches and overeating before a beer tasting can be overload.
  2. Drink Water! Drink it to avoid becoming dehydrated and prevent a debilitating hangover.
  3. Be the Turtle, Not the Hare. Pace yourself! After all, slow and steady wins the race and has a good time.
  4. Necklace Snacks Help Crave Attacks: Wearing snacks is a convenient way to clean your palate, save money on food and show off your fashionable foods. Here is a few that we suggest: pretzels, bread, sausage links, cereal, peach rings and more. Not to mention, this is a great activity for you and your friends!
  5. Try New Things! That’s what you’ll be there to do. If you normally don’t go for the stout, try it out!
  6. Be Friends with Brewers! Brewers are intelligible creative people that love having their brains picked about their brewery and beers. Ask questions! You may just discover a new event or activity to make plans to go to.
  7. Arrange for Rides and Don’t Drink and Drive! How will you get there? Have ride apps such as Uber and Lyft downloaded in case of an emergency. Have a beery good time, but also beer mindful.