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Imagine receiving a letter in the mail that you were going to lose your job because you were behind on paying your student loans.

Such an instance is a reality for some residents in Georgia.

Taking out several student loans to help pay for college is the norm for many today, but few are aware of the consequences for defaulting on these types of loans.

According to WSBTV, a law that few people are aware of can leave them unemployed if they have a professional licenses through the Secretary of State or through the Medical Composite Boards.

For many, like Registered nurse Debra Curr who have several education loans, it’s easy for one to fall delinquent. In many instances, the individual doesn’t even know they are behind on one of their loans.

Receiving a letter that your job is in jeopardy is undoubtedly worrisome news. And while this practice is currently still in place, a new proposed law could change how the state goes about punishing people who cannot pay their student loans.

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